Raine and Horne

The remarkable story of an iconic Australian business and real estate enterprise that began its journey on 23 May 1883. As we celebrate 140 years of success, Raine & Horne stands tall among family-owned businesses. Guided by our core values, strong partnerships, and innovative practices, we remain committed to delivering exceptional service, cementing our company’s place as a true Australian icon. That Raine & Horne has grown and thrived for 140 years is truly remarkable. What is exceptional, is that the brand has achieved this growth with the same family at the helm. There are not many other Australian family-owned businesses that started back in the 1800s – in the case of Raine & Horne in 1883, which have prospered to become a major national and now international brand. With a brilliant past and a bright future, Raine & Horne stands as a beacon of success in the real estate industry, reflecting our enduring commitment to shaping the property landscape for years to come.