Raine and Horne

Evolution of a Super Brand To Max Raine’s credit, he spent 30 to 40 years buying back shares from Raine family members. It is this strategic play that has created the nimble business Raine & Horne is today. Believing in ‘&’ as a symbol of positive partnerships From that very first professional partnership between Tom Raine and Joseph Horne, Raine & Horne has actively nurtured positive partnerships. It is an approach embodied in the familiar ampersand symbol and embraced across all the firm’s relationships – agents & buyers; agents & vendors; property managers & landlords; and property managers & tenants. As the brand has grown, the same ‘positive partnerships’ philosophy has been applied more broadly to encompass business partners, employees, and from the 1970s, franchisees and their staff. Raine & Horne has always made a significant investment in partnerships across the firm’s national team. Carefully planned recruitment and retention initiatives, ongoing business support and development programs, marketing support and company-wide training ensure each office is operating at its optimum. The firm’s highly regarded training and development programs see the best trainers and speakers from within the Raine & Horne network, as well as external experts, share their expertise and knowledge across the group. Coupled with world class online training programs, Raine & Horne is committed to coaching principals, sales agents, property managers and administration staff to ensure the highest level of service at a local level, and more broadly, to ensure Raine & Horne maintains its reputation as a market leader and the premier real estate network in Australia. Embracing – and leading – change While real estate may be in the Raine family’s blood, no lasting business can afford to rest on its laurels, and Raine & Horne has further cemented its super brand status by navigating the digital age with characteristic leadership and enthusiasm. Not to mention the huge amount of capital expenditure invested in the firm that underwent two rebrands alone between 2011 and 2017. In 2017, Raine & Horne announced a national rebrand that covered everything from digital media through to advertising and signage. The famous yellow and black brand design was given a new lease of life, with a greater emphasis An ‘&’ is shorthand for ‘and’, and the cursive ampersand we know today dates to the 1st century AD. It was discovered as graffiti in Pompeii, preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Using the ampersand saves the writer time, with one word or letter flowing seamlessly into the next. The ampersand also supports the linking of multiple visions, ideas, and people. It is common for businesses such as Johnson & Johnson, Raine & Horne, and Tiffany & Co to use the Ampersand to create a fitting and memorable name and identity. A cornerstone of the Raine & Horne name and brand, in 1883, the ampersand was employed to bond the surnames of our founders, Tom Raine and Joseph Horne. For the last 140 years, the ampersand has remained a core element of our Raine & Horne identity. The symbol represents the joining together of our diverse customer base and the many individuals that make up our strong and united network. The Raine & Horne ampersand was tailored with a unique typeface, and its official font is also a registered trademark. The origin of the ampersand Above: Raine & Horne’s famed ampersand, proudly displayed on the exterior of the new HQ in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. 17