Raine and Horne

Evolution of a Super Brand on yellow, widely regarded as the colour that denotes feelings of friendliness and positivity Raine & Horne is renowned for widely. The ampersand, always the symbol of inclusive partnerships, remains a noteworthy feature. Raine & Horne also boasts an extensive, user-friendly website, which includes free suburb data, and receives approximately 17 million ‘hits’ per annum. Since 2018, Raine & Horne has spent millions of dollars on its property platform for its agents and property managers. This agency ecosystem includes many first-to-market products, such as game-changing AI and social media marketing technology Amplify, in partnership with CCT from Europe. Raine & Horne was the first in Australia to have an online sales and property management appraisal platform, DigitKit, which agents and property managers can use to email vendors and property investors, which the super brand developed internally. “They were our two firsts, and we own that intellectual property, which is very important – it’s not some sort of relabelled product, which is what a lot of our competitors do,” Angus told CEO Magazine in 2021. “Everyone says they’re continuously evolving, but we really are.” A brilliant past. A bright future None of us know exactly what the future holds but Raine & Horne is well placed to enjoy continued success for a very long time – perhaps even, for another 140 years. Among the 60 percent of family-owned Australian businesses, many will burn brightly, but only briefly. Statistics show just over one third of these firms will survive to the second generation. Less than 15 percent will still be around for the third generation. Figures are not available for the fourth generation, but when they emerge, Raine & Horne will be among the few left to be counted. Above: Raine & Horne’s 100th year in Australian real estate was reported widely by the media including this article in the Sydney Morning Herald, March, 1983. 18