Raine and Horne

Tom Raine 1858–1929 Reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit Captain Raine’s oldest and only surviving son, Edmund (Ned) Raine, grew up on a farming property near Orange in mid-west New South Wales, on land belonging to the Wentworth family with whom Captain Raine had enjoyed close connections. In contrast to his father’s track record of adventure, Ned’s brief life was punctuated by personal tragedy. He fathered six children, only one of whom—his son Thomas—survived childhood. Ned himself passed away in 1864, aged just 37. Despite being described as thin and delicate, young Tom Raine born on 20 June 1858 , steadily worked the family farm. However, he shared his grandfather’s passion for adventure, and at age 21 he too set out to make his fortune – not at sea, but in the growing metropolis of Sydney. Not Right: Pioneering the Raine family legacy: Tom Raine, Raine & Horne’s visionary co-founder. Below: Bustling Vibrant scene at Raine & Horne’s Property Management Department, captured in the 1890s. by chance, the road Tom travelled led to Vaucluse in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Tom’s first port of call was to visit Fitzwilliam Wentworth, the owner of the farm where he was raised. Fitzwilliam Wentworth was the father of William Charles Wentworth. The Wentworth family was among Sydney’s wealthiest, and as owners of the Wentworth Estate their extensive property holdings included the family home – Vaucluse House. Fitzwilliam Wentworth was well connected to Sir Daniel Cooper, a gentleman of considerable standing in the colony, who had inherited his late uncle’s massive property holdings collectively known as the Cooper Estate. The estate stretched across both sides of Sydney Harbour taking in suburbs known today as Rose Bay, Bellevue Hill, Point Piper, Woollahra, Waterloo and Kensington, and even extending as far north as Cremorne and Cammeray. Both the Wentworth and Cooper Estates were managed by James Hill, and it was Hill that introduced young Tom Raine to Fitzwilliam Wentworth. Hill already employed a Scot by the name of Joseph Horne, to handle the Wentworth Estate, so he 26