Raine and Horne

Above: Daniel Cooper, The Younger: Early client turned esteemed Speaker in NSW’s Legislative Assembly.. Right: Cornerstone of success: A pioneering commercial real estate transaction. Below left: Eminent Journey: Sir Daniel Cooper’s remarkable historical legacy. Below right: Tom Raine ventured into Sydney’s real estate market through the vast Cooper Estate. offered Tom the role of agent for the Cooper Estate. The timing could not have been better. The colony of New South Wales was entering boom times, and the role of property agent required neither the capital nor borrowings that had so plagued Captain Raine’s enterprises. Instead, it called for energy, enterprise, personal charisma, and honesty – qualities Tom possessed in spades. Despite a 16-year age difference, Tom and Joseph Horne, who was born in 1842, worked well together, and in May 1883 they set up shop as partners – managing properties, collecting rents, providing valuations, and buying and selling property on commission. Raine & Horne was forged. But in true Raine style, Tom did things differently, boosting the reputation of his firm by insisting no member of staff would deal in real estate on their own behalf. It was a savvy public relations initiative – one that underpinned the integrity of the firm, and by the 1890s Raine & Horne had become a household name in the colony. Years of steady business success followed, and when James Hill passed away in 1898, Tom Raine took over the role of trustee of the Cooper Estate. This mammoth landholding comprised 800 leases of residential and commercial properties. Such was the scale of the estate, Tom recommended a slow, controlled sell down of the properties. It was a decision that further bolstered the fortunes of 27