Raine and Horne

Maxwell Raine: An Eye For Expansion OLLOWING THE FOOTSTEPS of his grandfather and father, Max Raine went above and beyond to build and strengthen the highly successful Raine & Horne network that exists today. Regrettably, Max, known fondly and widely as MSR, passed just shy of Raine & Horne’s 140th anniversary on 22 February, 2023. However, one of the great champions of Australian real estate, Max’s enduring legacy was taking a successful local firm to the national and international stage. Masterminding a new direction F Maintaining an unbroken lineage Immersion is said to be one of the most effective forms of learning, and if that’s the case, Ned Raine’s son – Max, born in 1931, certainly enjoyed a first rate education in the property business. Ned was at the helm of Raine & Horne—already one of Sydney’s most successful real estate agencies—and as is often the case in a family business, ‘shop talk’ regularly shaped the conversations between father and son. From boyhood, Max attended auctions with his father, discussing them in great detail afterwards. He heard exciting tales of his grandfather, great grandfather, and the buccaneer Captain Raine, and over time Max would demonstrate he too shared their expansionist spirit. Stepping straight from school into the family business at age 18, Max brought with him an abundance of personal charm, finely-honed insights into the property industry, and of course, the characteristic Raine sense of humour. Right: Max Raine’s remarkable reign: Chairman of Raine & Horne from 1973 to 2011. Below: Exuding charismatic command, Chairman Max Raine spearheads a Raine & Horne Board meeting in 1989. Opposite: Throughout his career, Max Raine maintained a steady presence as a media commentator. 36