Raine and Horne

need to embrace a new means of expansion. He had a vision for an option that demanded very little capital from the business yet still preserved the integrity of the Raine & Horne brand. In 1976, Max, together with the Board of Directors, made the decision to offer franchise opportunities, and not long after, the first franchisee came on board in Liverpool in Sydney’s west. It was a watershed moment for Raine & Horne. Just 13 years later in 1988, Raine & Horne was one of only two real estate networks to be represented in every Australian state and territory, and achieved national sales in that year of $6.2 billion. International expansion also took off, with network partners being established first in Malaysia in 1989. Max told The Daily Telegraph in 2016: “When we opened the first franchise in Liverpool, I never expected it to end up where we are today. “Franchising was a revolution that opened up the opportunity for a lot more Australians to own their own business. “And the success we’ve had in creating hundreds of offices under the Raine & Horne brand is phenomenal.” A proven patriarch By 2023, Raine & Horne celebrated 47 years of franchising with more than 300 offices throughout Australia, with many more planned both domestically and globally, making it the fastest growing firm in the country. Max’s vision had more than paid off. Through the courage of his commitment to innovation, and with a well thought-out strategy, Max had laid solid foundations for Raine & Horne to build on in its next phase as a super brand. With a stellar career record, Max’s passion for the family business never waned. He retained an office in the corporate headquarters of Raine & Horne until 2015, when at age 84 he 41