Raine and Horne

Maxwell Raine: An Eye for Expansion 43 Vale Max Raine On the 22 February, Maxwell Scott Raine passed away at age 91 in Sydney’s Drayton House aged care facility in Rose Bay following a battle with dementia over the last couple of years. Many property and finance industry tributes were posted in the media about Max, including Brian Reid, Director of Raine & Horne Group, who worked side-by-side with Max as the Group’s former CEO and during a previous stint in investment sales in the 1980s. Brian said of Max’s passing: “The real estate industry has lost one of its most forceful and influential advocates with the passing of Max Raine. “Max was a driving force in the generational change that saw the emergence of national franchising businesses in the 1970s and 1980s.” Brian continued: “Max could see the continuing sophistication of the commercial property market along with the emergence of listed property trusts and launched Raine & Horne Commercial in 1984 as a separate brand that boasts 36 offices around Australia today. “During his leadership, Max was responsible for lobbying the government and was constantly quoted in the media resulting in many changes to the industry and legislation. “I know many people in the past would have received one of Max’s penned handwritten letters to suggest some alternative to an opinion they might have expressed, [or] of course, to congratulate them on an anniversary or a birthday. He was also prolific in his letters to offices who had achieved a positive mention in the press. Many of our principals still have these handwritten letters today. “Although we all have fond memories of Max, there are some underlying characteristics that we all remember as part of his larger-than-life persona, such as his sharp wit, canny business mind, but most importantly, his genuine concern for others which is best typified by his love of family and friends. “We have all lost someone very special,” Brian concluded. Max served on many boards and committees, including the City Branch of the Real Estate Institute of NSW, Council of Auctioneers Education Committee, Corporate Committee of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), Anglican Retirement Villages Foundation, Barnardos and Edina Retirement Villages. In 1988, Max Raine was appointed by the NSW Government as Chairman Ministerial Enquiry into Inner City Accommodation. Max is survived by his wife Susan, children Rebecca, Julia, Georgina, and son Angus – the current Executive Chairman of Raine & Horne Group, as well as daughter-in-law Natasha and son-in-law Andrew Howard, fourteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Angus said of his father: “There is a hole left in my family that will eventually repair but will never be replaced.” “Max often called into the office, always interested to hear how everyone was getting on in the real estate world. He often put forward recommendations and ideas without being intrusive, just wanting us all to list, sell, and manage more property and, most of all, list more auctions.” Moreover, Max’s insightful real estate observations and predictions were reported widely by the Australian media and even influenced the market commentary of some of Australia’s financial institutions. Similarly, Angus has followed in Max’s footsteps and his market comments and predictions are reported regularly by the Australian media. Behind the scenes, Max and his wife Susan were also kept busy raising their five children. As had been the case with his own father, conversation at home inevitably turned to property. As a five-year-old, Max’s only son Angus was often tasked with managing the Kodak slidecarousel as his father sold property after property to weekend auction crowds. Father and son would often have a quiet wager on the final selling price. Whoever got closest won 20 cents. Little did Max know then, he was fueling Angus’ own interest in property, and the fourth generation to captain Raine & Horne was hungry to make his mark. “At our upcoming state and national awards, we are celebrating 140 years of our business success, and now we will also celebrate my father’s life too.” Highly respected, real estate commentator and writer Jonathan Chancellor, a regular at Max’s and Susan’s second