Raine and Horne

Rick Butler, an esteemed former member of the Raine & Horne Commercial team in the 1980s, has made a significant impact during his impressive 40-year career in the commercial real estate industry. His journey began in 1983 at Raine & Horne Commercial in Sydney, where he specialised in city sales. This opportunity was made possible by Max Raine, who played a pivotal role in recruiting Rick and kickstarting his career. Reflecting on his early days at Raine & Horne, Rick fondly remembers Max’s unique management style. “Like everyone else, I received the legendary handwritten missives that Max was famous for,” Rick said. “Max also received pink slip copies of every letter everyone in the company wrote, and he taught me how to write in the first person using plural pronouns such as ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ and instead of in the third person. He also quickly pointed out any blunders in our letter writing.” Rick initially worked alongside renowned figure Sam Halvorsen at Raine & Horne Commercial City Sales. When Sam moved on in 1986, Rick took over the business and led a team that included exceptional agents such as Bruce Crossie, Andrew Learmont and Danny Cobden. Another notable member of the team was the young David Harrison, who would go on to become the CEO of heavyweight property fund manager Charter Hall. According to Rick there was a remarkable synergy within Raine & Horne Commercial City Sales, fostered by the influence of Sam Halvorsen. The team had a special saying: “What’s an idea worth?” This phrase, coined by Danny Cobden, captures a Alumni celebrate Max Raine’s influence on stellar careers I must confess to being rather proud of the Raine name – and we had a very good name in the industry. Max Raine home in Terrigal remembered Max this way in his Sunday Telegraph column ‘The Sell’ on Sunday 26 February 2023: “He was an influential advocate and innovator in the real estate industry, pioneering the growth of suburban real estate offices in the 1960s starting at Double Bay, introducing franchising in the 1970s, and launching into commercial in the 1980s. “Under his guidance, Raine & Horne became a leading brand across Australia and then internationally by the early 1990s.” Jonathan continued: “Many among his vast connections would receive polite penned notes through the years. The Sell certainly got many a supportive advisory, along with an open invitation to join him and Susan whenever holidaying at Terrigal over summer. “The agency slogan ‘Raine & Horne — we’ll look after you’ will endure.” Left: Keynote speaker. Max Raine celebrates Rain & Horne’s 100year milestone, 1983 commemoration. Right: Sydney farewell for Rick Butler (4th from right) from the Raine & Horne Sydney CBD team, 1989. David Harrison (4th from left), Charter Hall CEO, present. 44