Raine and Horne

situation where one team member possesses a property listing while another has a potential buyer. “When a third person suggests combining the listing with the buyer, resulting in a successful sale, the agent who proposed the idea receives a portion of the fee,” Rick recalled. “This classic team building effect contributed significantly to our team’s numerous achievements.” Rick’s connection with Max strengthened by a significant sale involving Sir Michael Somare Rick recalled a memorable encounter with Max that forged a lasting connection. “We successfully sold a building at 100 Clarence Street twice within a couple of years, with the last sale to the Papua New Guinea Government as a Consulate. Significantly, the inspection was with the charming Sir Michael Somare, the then PM of PNG, with the Australian Federal Police in tow for protection.” Intrigued by the swift succession of the sales, Max showed a genuine interest in getting to know Rick better. “As a result of this memorable little sale for $3.65 million, Max invited myself and my wife Lindy to dinner,” Rick recalled. “We then embarked on a memorable journey to a restaurant in the Shire, who had sent Max a marketing offer, which was a piece of bark with a printed invitation that included a 50% discount for a meal. This dinner, which his wife Susan also attended became the foundation of my friendship with Max.” Raine & Horne Commercial’s Green Card system revolutionises property tracking in the 1980s Even in the 1980s, Raine & Horne Commercial led the way on technology innovation. Rick remembered: “In the days before computers, we relied on a manual green card system to keep track of every property, its owner, and our conversations with them. This system allowed us to be ferocious and well-informed canvassers and allowed our team to have up to date intel on all buildings in our market and contributed to a great deal of our success.” Rick’s career also included significant milestones beyond his time at Raine & Horne including transacting commercial properties exceeding $19 billion and leading some major commercial real estate operations worldwide. Significant achievements for Rick include the sales of notable properties such as Aurora Place in Sydney and multiple transactions involving 20 Bridge Street Sydney four times, 140 Sussex Street five times, and 80 Clarence Street five times. Angus Raine maintains a strong connection with Rick as evidenced by his attendance at the annual ‘Rick Butler Retirement Lunch’ which is coordinated by another well-known alumni Kymbal Dunn. It has become an ongoing joke during the event that Rick never truly retires. This light-hearted tradition highlights the enduring bond between Rick and the Raine family. Left: Max Raine, adored the business of real estate, connecting with staff, alumni, and clients alike. Above right: Raine & Horne City Sales, 1983: Richard Butler, Sam Halvorsen (seated), and Dale Fredericks. 45