Raine and Horne

Angus Raine: New Century, New Leader IKE HIS FATHER MAX, and indeed his grandfather Ned, Angus Raine was raised in a household where talk of property was the norm. Was it DNA or his environment that assured Angus’ future success at the helm of Raine & Horne? Perhaps a combination of both. What is certain is that Angus had the background, the credentials, and every opportunity to walk straight into the family firm. But he took an alternate path, and Raine & Horne is all the stronger for it. Seafood – the barometer of success Born in 1966 and raised in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Angus grew up living and breathing the family business. Since childhood he had been an unwitting observer of important changes in the property market – and in the Raine & Horne business model. A rare combination of nature and nurture L By the time Angus was two, his father Max was managing Raine & Horne Double Bay and proving himself to be one of Sydney’s top residential salespeople. Angus recalls: “I remember visiting Dad in the Double Bay office after rugby in those days. It was wall-to-wall tweed jackets, and the office nickname was ‘Brideshead Revisited’ after the British television series!” As Angus grew up, so did the business, and in 1976, when Angus celebrated his 10th birthday, Raine & Horne had notched up national sales of $59 million. As a child, Angus knew little of complex property deals, however he was quick to spot the difference between a successful Saturday of sales, and one where the auction action had been a little lacklustre. As Angus recalls: “If Dad came home on a Saturday afternoon with prawns he had purchased from the fish shop, we knew the sales results were pretty good. However, if Dad walked in with meat from the local supermarket, we knew straight away that the day’s auctions had been a bit slow.” Dad said it was his idea for me to gain experience outside of Raine & Horne. I say it was my idea, so we’ve agreed to disagree Angus Raine Previous page: Angus Raine: Fourth-gen leader upholding the family legacy at Raine & Horne. Left: Angus Raine, Raine & Horne CEO (2007-2015), photographed at the Group’s former HQ, in the Clocktower Building, The Rocks Sydney. Opposite left: Tony Atkinson of Raine & Horne QLD warmly welcomes Angus back in 1998. Opposite right: The dynamic dynasty persists as Angus Raine joins his renowned father, Max, in their wholly family-owned enterprise. 48