Raine and Horne

Angus Raine: New Century, New Leader Angus spent his early years with Raine & Horne as an assistant property manager, but he was mindful of the need to distance himself from any suggestion of nepotism. Eager to earn his stripes outside the folds of the family business, Angus followed the footsteps of his ancestor Captain Thomas Raine and set out to make a name for himself on his own terms. Looking back, Angus jokes: “Dad said it was his idea for me to gain experience outside of Raine & Horne. I say it was my idea, so we’ve agreed to disagree.” Developing a gilt-edge resume While his father specialised in residential real estate, Angus was passionate about commercial property. However, he quickly discovered that his background as the protégé of one of the nation’s leading real estate firms could be as much a burden as a blessing. The Raine name was well known in property circles and eyebrows were often raised among rival firms when Above left: The newly minted Raine & Horne director believed in technology’s power for real estate and his family’s super brand. Angus & Tash Raine, and their children, marking 140 years at the 2023 National and NSW Awards, Sydney Town Hall. Angus applied for a job, amid concerns he was a corporate spy – or worse, the black sheep of the family. Nonetheless, he was determined to forge his own identity, and he secured his first independent role cutting commercial deals for Debenham Tewson Hickson. For Angus, the importance of building a personal brand outside Raine & Horne went beyond the desire to avoid any hint of favouritism 50