Raine and Horne

faced school leaver of 18, but a qualified 32-year-old, who stepped straight into the role of Director of Raine & Horne Holdings Pty Limited. Preparing for new challenges In all family businesses, family members have great passion for—and understanding of—how a business works. Angus certainly had such a passion for Raine & Horne, but as an outsider stepping into the firm, he immediately realised the value of having a fresh set of eyes review the workings of the business. Outside consultants were brought in, who, as Angus recalls: “Didn’t pull any punches”. Based on the advice received, the business was reshaped and revitalised to meet the challenges of a new century. Angus applied the same process to his own executive skill set, enrolling in the prestigious Harvard Business Below: Raine & Horne’s $7 billion property turnover in Australia in 2000 showcases a remarkable family achievement. Opposite top: Captivating vision: Angus Raine’s unwavering focus on growth. Opposite right Angus Raine outlines his mission in a profile in The Australian Newspaper (March 31, 2000). Opposite bottom: Max and Angus Raine: An impressive family business ownership case study in action. School, Boston MA and graduating from the Owner President Management Program - OPM38 in 2009. This augmented Angus’ broader academic and industry qualifications, which include a Diploma of Business (Valuation) and a Diploma of Business (Franchising). He is also a registered valuer, a Fellow of the Australian Property Institute (FAPI), Fellow Certified Practicing Accountant – FCPA, a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS), and a licensed real estate, stock and station business agent. Since 2008, he has been a Member of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Industry Liaison Group and an NSW Business Chamber Awards judge since 2019. Angus says of his ongoing commitment to continuous improvement: “Education is a great insurance policy for a business and your career.” Leveraging technology If Max had been the innovator, who embraced franchising as a means of growth and expansion, Angus has proven himself to be a driver of technological change. He established key growth initiatives such as the firm’s cutting-edge operating system ‘rhcompass’ (now called ‘Compass Plus’) in 2007. He introduced a Raine & Horne marketing fund, and in 2011 set about a complete rebrand of Raine & Horne. Angus has since overseen brand refreshes in 2016 and 2023. In September 2014, under Angus’ leadership, Raine & Horne launched its new communication and learning portal – ‘Scout’ (later renamed ‘R&Home’), enabling Raine & Horne Corporate to communicate with its extensive network across Australasia. R&Home currently receives around 60,000 hits per month, delivering the latest company, industry, regulatory and training news, as well as daily office and agent rankings, allowing offices to conduct key activities online, from the completion of training courses to the benchmarking of an office’s performance against their peers. Since 2017, under the watchful eye of Angus, Raine & Horne has spent $20 million on its property platform for its agents and property managers. This agency ecosystem includes gamechanging AI and social media marketing technology ‘Amplify’, which Raine & Horne developed in collaboration with CCT from Europe. Angus told Family Business Australia: “What I love about the system is that it puts the property under the consumer’s nose and all of a sudden, they’ll say to their partner: ‘Darling, have you seen this one?’ – an investment property or a property they’ve always wanted to move to around the corner. 52