Raine and Horne

Left: Father and son duo make a splash on the latest magazine cover. Above: Eagle-eyed Angus never misses a chance in the media to get his point across. “Today our company is one of the oldest privately-owned family firms in the southern hemisphere and a recognised super brand. “In 2013, we are a major presence in every capital city and most of our biggest regional hubs – and we have an international office network dotted all over the globe. In 2012 we were inducted into Family Business Australia’s first-ever Hall of Fame. We also scored the second largest number of offices in the Real Estate Business Top 50 offices in 2013 – a great PR achievement for our company.” Yet Angus is equally as proud of his family’s history and contribution to Australian real estate and the wider community. In 2021, Angus championed the launch of the Raine & Horne Foundation. The Raine & Horne Foundation solidifies and represents 140 years (and counting) of charitable giving. Angus said: “Dedicated to providing support for Australia’s future wellbeing, welfare and environment, each year we will select worthy causes to focus the Foundation’s efforts on. The Raine & Horne Foundation will be another way for our Network to work together and improve the lives of people in our local communities and other causes.” For more on the Raine & Horne Foundation (see Chapter 7 p80). What of the future? In 2023, Angus is still a young man, however it is natural to wonder if a Raine family member will continue to chart fresh courses for the firm in the future. Angus himself is best-placed to provide the answers. He explains: “As a father of Alexandra, Edwina, Max, Charles and Heidi, it’s likely that at least some of my children will eventually be involved with Raine & Horne. Already they have established important ties. My children have all attended state and national conferences, as well as principal’s retreats. My oldest daughter Alex speaks Mandarin, so she has had a tremendous impact engaging with our Chinese affiliates.” Angus’ oldest son Max is studying Law and Commerce, while Charlie is cutting his teeth in commercial real estate outside the family fold. Charlie is also studying land economics, and this could see him follow in his father’s footsteps – pursuing an independent career initially and later joining Raine & Horne as a Board member when the time is right. Meanwhile, 55