Raine and Horne

Angus Raine: New Century, New Leader returning to Australia, a friend suggested he explore a career in real estate, igniting his passion for the industry. With an impressive 35 years of experience navigating Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Ric possesses unparalleled expertise in Australia’s most prestigious and fiercely competitive real estate market and negotiating with some of the highest profile individuals from around the world, from businessmen to renowned CEOs and celebrities. He recalls: “My first sale to a celebrity I was star struck but now it feels the norm and I never disrespect their privacy, I’m not a ‘name-dropper’. “I treat high profiles and average Joe’s the same. They are all transacting and nervous, my job is to get them to trust me and build rapport.” Since his early days at an independent firm in Rose Bay in 1988, Ric has successfully facilitated the sale of a diverse range of properties, including development sites, apartment blocks, waterfront estates, and luxury homes. Along the way, he has consistently set records for suburbs and streets, solidifying his reputation as a trusted agent with an unmatched ability to deliver exceptional results. In 2022, for example, Ric successfully steered the sale of several properties in Spencer Street, Rose Bay. “This sale stands out as it involved a couple of houses sold in one line with several different owners, an executor, and several different buyers,” Ric said. “While it wasn’t the biggest transaction of my career, I loved the complexity and the problem-solving involved and how I could use my experience to steer the transaction. It gave me a thrill.” Building trust and embracing a legacy Ric’s genuine, empathetic, and approachable nature has earned him the trust and loyalty of vendors, investors, and buyers throughout the region. An astounding 95 percent of his business comes from repeat clients, many of whom hold prominent positions, and he also receives numerous referrals from satisfied customers. As the principal of Raine & Horne Double Bay, Ric is dedicated to upholding the legacy established over 50 years ago by the late Max Raine, the real estate doyen who launched the flagship office in 1968, marking the super brand’s first suburban branch. “I am particularly humbled, considering the remarkable individuals who have preceded me,” Ric said. He also values the support and collaboration within the Raine & Horne network, acknowledging: “The brand’s extensive network provides valuable business referrals, and the corporate office offers unparalleled assistance when needed. “Whether reaching out to Executive Chairman Angus Raine or another team member, I have always received prompt and reliable support. The commitment and responsiveness of the corporate office, combined with the collaborative environment of the network, reinforce my belief that Raine & Horne provides exceptional value and support.” Raine & Horne’s commitment to staying ahead in the everevolving real estate landscape also impresses Ric. “Their introduction of innovative technologies like Amplify and DigiKitPlus demonstrates their adaptability and commitment to equipping agents with the tools needed for success,” Ric said. Ric’s extraordinary accomplishments, unmatched expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence continually raise the bar, leaving a lasting impression on both the Australian real estate scene and the prestigious super brand, Raine & Horne. Opposite: Entertaining speaker, Angus, shines celebrating Raine & Horne’s 135th anniversary on the podium. Above: Angus Raine and Ric Serrao honour 140 years of excellence at Raine & Horne Awards, Sydney Town Hall, March 2023. Whether reaching out to Executive Chairman Angus Raine or another team member, I have always received prompt and reliable support Ric Serrao 57