Raine and Horne

Expansion: The Super Brand Spreads its Wings HE 1960s HERALDED A NEW ERA – the baby boomer years, and Australian businesses were enjoying good times as consumer demand soared supported by a rising population. It was a heady period for Raine & Horne, and sales figures steadily climbed. Sydney was changing too, sprawling outwards across multiple new suburbs bringing the need for the firm to carefully consider plans for sustainable growth and expansion. Always hungry to innovate, Max Raine championed strategic initiatives that would alter the course of Raine & Horne forever. A local presence beyond the CBD Throughout its early history and into the 1960s, Raine & Horne had always been based in the Sydney CBD, although to meet customer needs its sales team travelled far and wide, often by public transport. However, as the population spread outwards, Max saw the importance of having a local presence in the suburbs. He pushed for the opening of the firm’s first company-owned suburban office, and in 1968 Raine & Horne Double Bay opened its doors with Max at the helm. It proved an immediate success, and today is led by one of Australia’s most successful agents, Ric Serrao and his strong team. In 1973 another suburban office was opened, this time in Crows Nest. This was followed by a third office in Bondi Junction, and from here offices were opened in Burwood to service the city’s inner west, and later in Pymble, to the city’s north. Still, something more was needed. Prior to the 1960s it had been relatively easy to reach the suburban markets in which the firm was operating. As time progressed, transport, parking and time constraints made it essential to explore fresh alternatives. An option was required that would allow Raine & Horne to continue to capitalise on the firm’s strong brand while servicing the greater Sydney region more effectively. At the vanguard of change In the corporate world, scale is often synonymous with success. And indeed, given two choices, consumers will turn to a well-known brand over a newcomer. The Sydney property market had seen many small real estate networks come and go, and the board of Raine & Horne knew it could not afford to rest on its laurels. The time had come to look for solutions that would facilitate growth without draining precious capital. Any such solution also had to provide the face-to-face, highly personal relationships so integral to success in real estate and the Raine & Horne brand. The answer lay in franchising Franchising in its most basic form has been around for centuries thanks to Isaac Singer, founder of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, who is generally credited with the development of modern franchising. A new era. A fresh direction Previous page: Raine & Horne embraced franchising in the ‘70s, mirroring its 1883 zeal for real estate. Above: Raine & Horne Elite: Southport, Queensland - embodying the new era of franchising. Opposite top left: A unified brand experience ensured through Raine & Horne’s marketing toolkit of flyers and pamphlets. Opposite right: Max Raine reveals ambitious office expansion strategies in an exclusive interview with BRW magazine. T 60