Raine and Horne

franchisor and the services the franchisor will provide such as business referrals, preferred suppliers, training, auctions, consultancy, property management, leasing and accounting. The agreement also covers the qualifications and standards of franchisees, the appropriate licenses, participation in training courses, insurances and, most importantly, the maintenance of goodwill of the name of both parties. They also prohibit the dealing and speculating in real estate by Raine & Horne people, but at the same time, greatly encourage their investment in real estate. Today, Raine & Horne offers extensive support to offices, including a robust calendar of training events for both new and established offices. In 2022, for example, Raine & Horne provided in excess of 7,800 hours of training. It encompasses everything from the early days such as business management, sales, property management and administration through to marketing and public relations, though with some 21st century additions, like IT support. This comprehensive training program provides all the tools each franchisee needs to grow and prosper. And in keeping with the notion of ‘family’, franchisees can learn from the best of the best within the Raine & Horne network through one-onone mentoring. Network managers visit every Raine & Horne office regularly, and offices also receive periodic business reviews to help drive profitability. Regular seminars and regional meetings allow offices to learn from each other and their more established peers while maximising the benefits of being part of such an extensive network. Angus Raine explains: “Our network is truly collegiate with our offices engaged in open communication to assist each other.” Real opportunity to join real estate powerhouse When Raine & Horne rebranded in October 2011, the firm made a very conscious decision to pay attention to what current principals found important about the network. The majority pointed to the level of support, training and networking delivered by Raine & Horne Corporate. Based on these observations, a new franchising microsite was launched in 2012, making it easier to navigate and enquire about the culture at Raine & Horne. The site had an immediate impact generating a massive uptick in enquiries from prospective offices. Raine & Horne continue to appoint new offices, expanding the network both within Australia and internationally. However today, as in the past, it is a case of “many apply, few are selected”. Would-be franchisees must demonstrate a successful track record and provide a professional business plan plus cash flow estimates that highlight how the franchisee will support and grow the brand and its culture of success and add value to Raine & Horne customers. In 2023, the network was growing by an average of one office every two weeks – with an incredible 12 offices joining Raine & Horne in the first quarter of 2023. A champion for family-owned businesses As Raine & Horne has expanded from a fundamentally familyowned business into a firm that supports and nurtures many other family-run offices, the firm’s contribution to the small business sector has not gone unnoticed. Family businesses have long been acknowledged as the backbone of Australia’s commercial sector, and in 2012 Raine & Horne was welcomed into Family Business Australia’s Hall of Fame in celebration of the outstanding contribution it has made, and continues to make, to Australia’s economy, community and business culture, as well as recognition of the firm’s excellence in the real estate industry and commitment to sustainable long term success. Today’s leaders of Raine & Horne continue to build on the reputation for quality their predecessors worked so hard to establish. A continuing collective motivated by entrepreneurial drive, determination and hard work has resulted in extraordinary success from the entire Raine & Horne ‘family’, which will carry the super brand long into the future. Above: Innovative marketing strategies distinguish Raine & Horne offices within their market niches. 64