Raine and Horne

Foreword AFTER SOME 40 YEARS of talking to Australians about money, on tv, radio and in Money magazine, you don’t need to tell me that as a nation we are passionate about property. We love to buy, renovate, and invest in real estate. More than a national passion, home ownership can also be the key that allows many Australians to enjoy prosperity throughout their lifetime and especially in their senior years. I am a great believer in the important role property ownership plays in our financial wellbeing. While at times we love them, and at times they have us tearing our hair out, there is no argument that real estate agents play an integral part in our journey to property ownership. It is a rare thing in Australia for a property to be bought or sold without the involvement of a professional agent. In a competitive market, it is even rarer for real estate brands to survive the cut and thrust of market highs and lows for more than a decade, let alone more than a century. That Raine & Horne has grown and thrived for 140 years is truly remarkable. What is exceptional, is that the brand has achieved this growth with the same family at the helm. There are not many other Australian family-owned businesses that started back in the 1800s – in the case of Raine & Horne in 1883, which have prospered to become a major national and now international brand. The longevity of the Raine & Horne brand is nothing short of amazing. I’m honoured to have met the late Max Raine, and enjoy a solid friendship with Angus Raine, now the fourth generation Raine to captain the family business. Today, the Raine & Horne concept of ‘family’ extends far beyond the Raine clan. Over 3,000 people around the world are part of the Raine & Horne network, which in 2022 sold $10 billion worth of real estate globally. It’s an impressive achievement and not one that is easy to replicate. It requires a strong and consistent strategy. Real estate is obviously all about property. But a real estate agency is not – it is all about people. It has to employ people who fit with its corporate culture, and professional staff who enjoy working with people. It may be selling my or your home, our investment property, or finding a tenant and managing our rental property. This inevitably means complex conversations. Having bought and sold quite a few properties, I know it also means looking after quite stressed buyers and sellers! This is not a simple task, particularly when happy clients and repeat business are a key to success. Obviously, none of us have been around long enough to follow Raine & Horne’s success since 1883, but this extraordinary history of family continuity could not have happened without terrific people and quality leadership. Understanding this, lies at the heart of the Raine & Horne success story. It’s a lesson many other businesses could take onboard in our digital age, where consumers are increasingly being directed to deal with machines rather than people. In Australia, property will continue to be your friend. Property is very easy to understand, and it is driven by people. Thanks to being such a great country to live in, we enjoy population growth not only through births, but critically, immigration. This obviously generates demand for property. In this environment, property as a home or investment, along with our very favourable tax laws for property, gives property a very positive future for us and of course, a solid base for the future success of Raine & Horne. The story of Raine & Horne over the last 140 years provides wonderful insights into the history of Sydney, the growth of the suburbs, changing social trends and of course the colourful characters who have left an indelible mark on the Raine & Horne brand. Sit back and enjoy reading From Homesteads to High-rises: Celebrating 140 years of Raine & Horne. It is a unique story and one that tells us more about our passion for property and the important role Raine & Horne have played in what is our favourite asset. Paul Clitheroe AM Chairman, ‘Money’ That Raine & Horne has grown and thrived for 140 years is truly remarkable. What is exceptional, is that the brand has achieved this growth with the same family at the helm Foreword 7