Raine and Horne

In the journey of crafting From Homesteads to HighRises: Celebrating 140 Years of Raine & Horne, we owe a debt of gratitude to the unwavering support and leadership of Angus Raine, Executive Chairman of Raine & Horne. This book would not have come to fruition without his dedication and guidance. A pivotal moment in this project arose when Angus met with Money Magazine writer the late Chris Walker, a close mate. Chris presented a compelling case for a follow-up to Raine & Horne’s 115-year book, “Private Property,” published in 1999. Drawing on that moment, Chris laid the foundation for this book through an outline that has since stood as the guiding force throughout its creation. The writing was guided by Anthony O’Brien, who, together with the invaluable contributions from Nicola Field and editor Lisa Calautti, breathed vibrant life into the pages. Our heartfelt gratitude also goes out to Mrs Susan Raine and Mr Graeme Skarratt for their unwavering support throughout the manuscript’s journey. Additionally, special thanks to Georgina Howard and Tash Raine, who diligently sourced numerous excellent photos from the firm’s and the Raine family’s past, adding further depth to the project. In preserving the rich heritage of Raine & Horne, the tireless work of James Bosanquet, Principal Archivist at Archives & Ephemera, proved indispensable. Additionally, we acknowledge Max Raine Jnr, whose expertise in diving into the picture library and matching photo images and news clippings with the book’s chapters proved extremely valuable. The marketing team at Raine & Horne, notably Shaun Mathieson and Mike Carroll, worked diligently to fill gaps in the pictorial library, contributing to the quality of the final product. Lastly, our gratitude extends to the publishing wizard, Sam Grimmer, whose patience and counsel throughout the design phase brought finesse to the book. His wealth of experience with projects of this nature added a touch of magic to the final presentation. Acknowledgements 8