Raine and Horne

Culture: The Foundation of Success ULTURE CAN MAKE OR BREAK a company, and as a fourth generation family-owned and operated business, Raine & Horne has actively nurtured and rewarded a culture of success through its extensive recognition program of awards and rewards. In 2023, and to celebrate its 140th anniversary, Raine & Horne doubled down on its internal incentive campaign with a total prize pool of almost $350,000. As part of its ‘Good as Gold 140’ campaign, Raine & Horne expanded the prize pool to 700 members of the network, up from 450 in 2022. Acknowledging the best of the best Raine & Horne’s success as a multi-generational family company that now boasts more than 3,000 people reflects the calibre of the firm and its team. A substantial investment in technology, incentive programs, awards and recognition, as well as conferences, events and training, further enhances the network’s collective talent. These initiatives act as a powerful force that binds the Raine & Horne community, and helps the firm attract and retain the best and brightest in the industry. By rewarding and celebrating the shared success of its principals and employees, the network has fostered a lasting culture of high performance. Reward and recognition At the pinnacle of Raine & Horne’s reward and recognition program is the Group’s state and national awards. The annual awards are announced at state and national events and conferences. Typically attended by several hundred offices and key members of their teams, the conferences are far more than an educational forum. They deepen connections across networks, energise attendees, and allow everyday workplace experiences to become memorable moments through a very public acknowledgement of a job well done. The keenly contested state and national awards recognise high performers, and their personal, unique, and unwavering dedication to the ethos that has been shared by Raine & Horne people for over 140 years. Plenty to celebrate In fact, there has been plenty more to celebrate over the years. In 1983, Raine & Horne notched up its centenary, marking 100 years since young Tom Raine and Joseph Horne announced their status as Sydney land agents. Throughout that year, the firm celebrated with events in Sydney and other cities with 2,500 invited guests – proprietors of the franchise network, clients, friends and members of the Raine family. On 28 February 1983, the annual convention for Network Principals started the year’s celebrations in the Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton Wentworth Hotel. It was addressed by Chairman (Max) Raine paying tribute to important members of the firm, past and present, some represented by children or grandchildren. His Excellency, Air Marshal Sir James Rowland, Governor of New South Wales was also on hand to share the centenary. Max Raine took to the rostrum at the event – just as he had, and would, at many other national award ceremonies, and observed: “If our firm was a human being it would be very old and tired and possibly intolerant of change. As a corporate body it has the enthusiasm and adaptability of youth, as well as the benefit of long experience.” A hot contest State and national awards have long formed the pinnacle of the firm’s reward and recognition program. The keenly contested state and annual awards recognise high performers, and their Awards, rewards, recognition Previous Page Main: The Raine & Horne team, gather in the heart of The Rocks, Sydney, circa early 1900s. Previous Page Inset: Invitation to celebrate Raine & Horne’s 140th year at the 2023 State and National Awards. Opposite Top Left: The grand Raine & Horne 140th logo stole the show at the 2023 NSW and National Awards, Sydney Town Hall in March 2023. Opposite Top Right: Sir James Rowland, Governor of NSW, joins Max Raine, Chairman of Raine & Horne, at the Centenary anniversary celebration at Sydney’s iconic Wentworth Hotel in 1983. Opposite Bottom Left: Invitation to Raine & Horne’s 2001 National Conference at Melbourne’s Grand Hyatt Hotel, 29th – 31st August, 2001. C 70