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Culture: The Foundation of Success personal, unique and unwavering dedication to the ethos that has been shared by Raine & Horne people for more than 140 years. Today, Raine & Horne’s national conference continues to hold special meaning. It is traditionally a glittering affair where the very best from across Australia gather to celebrate excellence and applaud the winners of the coveted national awards including ‘Top Office’, ‘Top Salesperson’ (number of sales) and the much coveted ‘Top Salesperson’ (dollar value). Special awards are also conferred. The Max Raine Award for Excellence, bestowed on the person who is the strongest supporter of the Raine & Horne network – often a long serving Regional Chairperson or Franchise Advisory Council Member, and a mentor or coach for offices and staff, who champions the Raine & Horne network to others. The Graeme Skarratt OAM Award recognises services to Raine & Horne that acknowledge the recipient’s longevity in the network, their business success and brand commitment. By way of background, Graeme Skarratt OAM, was employed by Raine & Horne for an exceptional 60 years and for much of his time he was invaluable as Max Raine’s right hand man. Graeme was appointed to the board in 1981 and was Honorary Secretary from 1982 until 1992, when he became Vice President until his retirement in 2006. Graeme is a Life Governor. Read more about Graeme Skarratt in Chapter 14. For the winners each year, the adrenalin rush that comes with sky-high achievement serves to reinforce their belief in the network’s core values, and an enhanced sense of belonging and pride in the super brand. Above: Raine & Horne’s Executive Chairman, Angus Raine launches the 2023 internal incentive scheme, Good as Gold 140 that offered $350,000 worth of prizes. Below: The Raine & Horne team, hundreds strong, gathered at Sydney Town Hall to celebrate 140 years of success. Opposite: The grand awards ceremonies shine a spotlight on excellence within the super brand, encompassing national and state levels. Angus Raine Keynote Speech, Raine & Horne NSW and National Awards Sydney Town Hall, 18 March 2023 Thanks Jamie (Durie) for the kind introduction. Welcome to the 2023 Raine & Horne National and state awards! That was a very moving tribute to my father … there was not a dry eye on my family’s table… We have been blown away by all the condolences we have received. I have done nothing but return calls, emails, and texts. I can hear my father saying: “Just open more offices.” Typical of Dad gazumping me in the company’s 140th year. As Dad was a great character, it seems everyone had a funny story about him such as receiving handwritten congrats about PR which many of you would have received in the past. But also, stories about how Dad had a positive influence in their lives. We are having a Memorial Service this Thursday at All Saints Church Woollahra and then we are having a function afterwards at Royal Sydney Golf Club and all are welcome. Otherwise, it will be live streamed. Also, it’s nice I have my whole family here tonight and their partners. It is special that my eldest daughter Alex could be here all the way from New York. I would also like to thank the sponsors. T&C’s apply. For more information visit R&Home or email rewards@corp.rh.com.au. golden REAP THE REWARDS WITH OVER $350,000 WORTH OF PRIZES UP FOR GRABS! 2023 Internal Incentive | 1st February – 30th November 72