Raine and Horne

Introduction FROM HOMESTEADS TO HIGH-RISES: Celebrating 140 Years of Raine & Horne tells the remarkable story of an iconic Australian business and real estate enterprise that began its journey on 23 May 1883. To provide some context, Raine & Horne has a history predating prominent financial services giant Commonwealth Bank and renowned retailers Coles and Myer. The origins of our firm go back even further than the flying kangaroo, Qantas, which only took flight after World War 1. In 2023, we’ve celebrated the incredible milestone of 140 years in business. As one of the oldest privately-owned firms in the southern hemisphere and Australia’s oldest family-owned real estate company, Raine & Horne occupies a unique spot in corporate history. Our company’s resilience has enabled us to overcome numerous challenges, including economic downturns, world wars, and pandemics, establishing the brand as a global leader. Today, Raine & Horne’s influence extends across residential, commercial, and rural property markets, as well as financial services and international territories. Boasting over 3,000 employees in Australasia, the Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, our firm remains a formidable force in the real estate industry. From the outset, Raine & Horne has championed positive partnerships, symbolised by its iconic ampersand. This philosophy extends to agents, buyers, vendors, property managers, tenants, principals, employees, and community partners. Investing in a diverse talent pool and agile governance ensures rapid decision Guided by its core values, strong partnerships, and innovative practices, Raine & Horne remains committed to delivering exceptional service, cementing its place as a true Australian icon Introduction making in today’s fast-paced real estate market. We have also been a leader in embracing digitalisation and AI, investing in cutting-edge technology to maintain our market leadership. Nevertheless, we refuse to rest on our laurels, as evidenced by our commitment to growth by opening offices every other week while launching industry-first products and services. As we celebrate 140 years of success, Raine & Horne stands tall among family-owned businesses. Guided by our core values, strong partnerships, and innovative practices, we remain committed to delivering exceptional service, cementing our company’s place as a true Australian icon. Looking ahead to the next 140 years, our firm will continue to embody the spirit of Australian entrepreneurship and the dream of property ownership for generations to come. With a brilliant past and a bright future, I’m proud to say that Raine & Horne stands as a beacon of success in the real estate industry, reflecting our enduring commitment to shaping the property landscape for years to come. We are confident that you will enjoy the enthralling tale of business and real estate triumph that Raine & Horne embodies and wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the dedicated efforts of the hundreds of principals and thousands of staff members in our international network. Much like the pleasure we derived from crafting From Homesteads to High-rises: Celebrating 140 Years of Raine & Horne, we trust you will enjoy reading it just as much. Angus Raine Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne 9