Raine and Horne

Building a Foundation of Community Giving UCCESS SHOULD NOT ALWAYS be inward looking, and generations of Raine family members have taken an active role in their communities, sometimes forming decadeslong partnerships. Angus Raine, Executive Chairman of Raine & Horne, notes: “Dad (Max Raine) was on the board of the Salvation Army and Barnardos for many years. He was also on the board of Edina, the Anglican church’s retirement living company, for over four decades.” Raine & Horne similarly prides itself on being an outstanding corporate citizen. Raine & Horne formalised its social and corporate responsibility activities with the launch of the Raine & Horne Foundation that supports a select number of charitable organisations annually. To date the foundation has raised over $500,000. As part of the launch, the Raine & Horne Foundation announced it would help combat homelessness by partnering with a wonderful not-for-profit charity called Dignity. By empowering people who are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of experiencing homelessness, Dignity keeps people, families and community at the heart of everything they do, providing essential services, such as a safe place, nourishing food and fresh clothes. Dignity named one of their guest houses Raine & Horne Foundation House, to show its appreciation of Raine & Horne’s continued support. The house provides self-contained supported temporary accommodation for people experiencing homelessness including men, women, and couples with on-site support to empower people to find their path out of homelessness. With eleven furnished, selfcontained units, the House offers more than 4,000 nights of accommodation every year. Ms Suzanne Hopman, CEO & Founder of Dignity said: “When the Raine & Horne Foundation invited Dignity to be its inaugural charity partner, we were very grateful and excited to partner with a Foundation that was committed to driving long-lasting change.” Funding the Foundation The Raine & Horne Foundation is supported by contributions to the marketing fund by Raine & Horne’s 300 strong global network. The new Foundation’s board included Raine & Horne’s Franchise Advisory Council (FAC), and several of Raine & Horne Holdings directors. “The Raine & Horne Foundation will now receive 10 percent of the marketing fund annually with the express purpose Building strong communities through social responsibility Previous page main: In July 2022, Dignity named one of their guest houses Raine & Horne Foundation House. Previous page inset top: Proudly waving on Raine Island, the Raine & Horne Foundation has donated $100,000 to help safeguard the threatened green turtle population. Previous page inset bottom: Perfect synergy: Australia’s favourite real estate brand backing one of the country’s favourite sports, fostering community spirit and support. Top right: Empowering individuals experiencing homelessness: Angus Raine, representing the Raine & Horne Foundation, with Dignity’s CEO Suzanne Hopman. Above right: Raine & Horne Foundation, Angus Raine, and Head of Network Mindy Powell-Hodges with $20,000 cheque to aid Turkey earthquake S 80