Raine and Horne

Guiding the Super Brand Into a New Century AINE & HORNE is a household name that people have associated with real estate since 1883. As the company has grown, so too has its brand awareness and commitment to innovation that puts property owners, buyers, investors and tenants first. While real estate may not be an industry regularly heralded for its innovation, Raine & Horne is helping to change this perception with a series of industry firsts. Embracing the latest in 20th Century marketing technology Creative, effective advertising and highly visual marketing materials have always been distinctive hallmarks of Raine & Horne. However, promotion of the brand name took a significant turn in 1977, with an experiential marketing program on Sydney radio station 2CH, aimed at promoting the image of Raine & Horne as an established yet progressive network. More followed on 2UW, 2GB and 2WS. Next came television advertising. By 1980, more than 90 percent of Australian homes had at least one television set. Raine & Horne took the plunge with what turned out to be an extremely successful medium, the first real estate network to do so. Thus, the first corporate TV advertisement by a real estate company in Australia beamed out from Channel 9. The cost of $150,000 was a large portion of the marketing budget of what Max Raine was still calling a small family company. The money was well spent, generating new business, and giving the corporate image a shine. This was especially fortunate in the years immediately ahead. Of the thousand real estate agents practicing in the Sydney area in 1981, a slump forced 200 out of the industry within a year, but Raine & Horne’s sales increased up to $525 million in 1981, insulating the firm from the worst of the disaster. Carving out a digital legacy Having formed a very strong position in a saturated real estate market, in the second decade of the 21st century the firm refreshed its brand, launching a renewed identity, with a sophisticated, contemporary design and a welcoming feel. With a storied history dating back more than a century, Angus Raine explained to Real Estate Business in late 2011: “It’s fair to say our brand identity, although highly recognisable, required a new coat of paint, and needed to appeal to a broader demographic. As a consequence, the brand update is more evolution than revolution.” The re-brand included an overhaul of all media including digital platforms, marketing, and advertising and office signage. While the firm had originally used a brand palette A celebrated, iconic brand delivering industry firsts Previous page main: Revolutionary CompassPlus: Empowering Sales and PM, an industry first with unmatched capabilities! Previous page insets: Raine & Horne marketing material stands out from the crowd. Above right: Raine & Horne’s 1983 milestone: 100 years of operation, a testament to its enduring success. Opposite top: In the era predating the internet and AI, marketing thrived through print media. Opposite bottom: Evolution of the Raine & Horne brand: A journey spanning 140 years. R 86