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GIVE THE FAÇADE A FRESH LOOK WITH A HIGH-PRESSURE HOSE WASH OR COAT OF PAINT TO WALLS AND WINDOWS . PROPERTY ADVICE 9 W 4QUICKFIXES TOUPGRADE YOURHOME’S EXTERIOR UPGRADING THE MAILBOX AND HOUSE NUMBERS IS A LOW- COST TRICK TO SET THE TONE FOR THE WHOLE HOME . PLANT FOLIAGE THAT BLOOMS AROUND THE SEASON THE PROPERTY IS UNDER INSPECTION TO CAPTURE BUYER ATTENTION. THE FRONT DOOR IS THE GATEWAY TO THE HOME , SO MAKE SURE IT HAS A FRESH LICK OF PAINT AND POLISHED HANDLES AND HINGES . e’re told that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but, in the case of house-hunting, the façade of a property is one of the first and most important impressions you can give to buyers about the home within. “The exterior of a property captures the imagination and is an emotional driver as it is oftenthe first thing people see at an inspection or look for when browsing online,” says Peter Hanscomb, Belle Property and Hockingstuart CEO. Not only does it influence initial demand, a study by researchers at the University of Alabama and the University of Texas found that kerb appeal can increase property prices by around 7%, so it is a critical consideration before listing a property on the market. Here are a fewsimple exterior house renovation tips and tricks sellers can use to boost the street appeal and sale price of their property. House Facade The aesthetics of a home are the first thing that buyers are drawn to, so consider the external paint and finishes as a window into yourhome’s soul. Imagine yourself walking to the front door of your home as a first-time visitor and make a mental checklist of details that could be improved and presented in a better light. Peter advises that this first impression of a façade could also benefit from the eyes of an agent who is experienced in property and can offer easy improvements that attract buyers’ interest. Surface finishes are a high-value, relatively low-cost improvement across the entire house as any sign of aged wear and tear can detract from the buyer’s perception of the house’s overall integrity. A lick of paint goes a long way to elevating and refreshing an exterior, and the cost of repainting a house is typically returned through resale value. When looking to sell, pick a neutral colour with wide appeal to buyers. If a fresh coat of paint for the whole home is not feasible, consider repainting the door and window frames or using a high-power hose to give a deep clean to the existing finish while washing away any dust or cobwebs. Ensure that balconies or exposed wood that have been subject to the elements benefit from a stain or a sanding. Garden Design Now more than ever, a house surrounded by lush greenery provides a welcome escape for those stuck at home. Indeed, research by Husqvarna with the input of real estate agents details that garden improvements can impact property prices by anywhere from 5% to 15%. A well-maintained garden is easy on the eye and suggests care and quality. Without undertaking a full landscape renovation, there are several quick and efficient upgrades you can make to the garden all year round. ‘If time allows, consider planting foliage that typically blooms in the season you are intending to sell. A thriving garden adds colour, depth and excitement to the area and helps buyers to envision themselves enjoying the space,’ says Peter. If your house is situated near noisy traffic, plants or water features can also help to dull noise levels from the surrounding area, creating a calm oasis for future buyers. Peter suggests that in the week leading to inspections, ensure lawns are mowed and weeds are removed to amplify your garden improvement efforts and showcase your home without untidy distractions. Similarly, pruning any overhanging branches or overgrown plants will create a sense of care while also bringing light and visibility into the area. Simple Upgrades Over time we can become a little immune to the wear and tear of the house we call home. Based onPeter’s experience, he notes common outdoor features like rusty gates, sagging washing lines and threadbare welcome mats are regularly overlooked when preparing a property for sale. The front door is truly a gateway to the rest of the house and can have a major impact on people’s perception of the home. If retaining the existing door, make sure that the hinges are well-oiled, the paint is fresh, and the edges are sealed with no sign of wear. If purchasing a new door, make sure that its design is in keeping with the style of the house, it is made of a durable and weather-proof material, and is easy to open with functional handles and keys. “The exterior of a property captures the imagination and is an emotional driver as it is often the first thing people see at an inspection or look for when browsing online.” – Peter Hanscomb CEO, Belle Property and Hockingstuart. ‘‘ FACT#1 FACT#2 FACT#3 FACT#4