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luxur ypor t fol | WEB ID: CUER LUXURY PORTFOLIO 7 7 1 27,000 Bucelas, Portugal Portugal FOR SALE Contact Agent GUIDE €3,100,00 Country Wine Farm INS PORTUGAL - FINE PROPERTIES +351 913734296 27 hectare property, located about 25 kilometers from Lisbon, on the slopes of the small demarcated region of Bucelas, in a remote, protected and spectacular property that offers a great diversity of fauna and flora. It practices a sustained, certified viticulture that always privileges ‘biodynamics’, allowing to harvest grapes of superior quality and create wines with exceptional characteristics. The intervention is minimized by the use of indigenous yeasts and a meticulous temperature control. Wines are stabilised without the use of chemical products. The vineyard is treated and conducted, with excellence, on an annual basis. The use of Lusitano horse manure and the line-up is maintained in such a way as to protect the terrain and maximize the phytosanitary status of the vineyards as well as the quality of the grape. 15